18 January 2009

Perjalanan Ke Cherating, Pahang

Perjalanan ke Cherating, Pahang begitu mencabar. Memandu membawa bos dan rakan-rakan sepejabat. Memandu dengan berhati-hati. Asalkan tak sesat cukuplah.
Di sepanjang perjalana ke sana, tiada masalah. Anda boleh berhenti untuk mengisi minyak. Banyak R&R disana.
Sedikit info tentang Cherating - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cherating is a famous beach town in Pahang, Malaysia. Cherating, located about 47 km north of Kuantan, is famed as the location of Asia’s first Club Mediterranee ("Club Med"). Located in the Club Med village is also one of the best lagoons in the area, where coupled with the golden soft sandy beach,the calm waters make you want to take a dip in the sea, and then just laze and laze on and on under the sun. There are a number of fun activities to do in Cherating including batik painting, where you can paint and design your own print on t-shirts, sarongs and scarves. Cherating also houses a cultural village and a turtle sanctuary. At the turtle sanctuary, you can learn about the lifecycle of turtles for free. The turtles lay their eggs between July and August, so if you're lucky, you might witness the turtles lay their eggs! Another tourist attraction is cruising up the Cherating River to watch glowing fireflies. Fishing is also an activity enjoyed by many
From Kuantan town, follow signboards to Kemaman which will bring you past Beserah and Balok. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur on the East Coast Expressway E 8, you can completely bypass Kuantan and head straight to Cherating. Stick to the expressway until the final exit (EXIT 836 Jabur Interchange). After paying toll, follow signboards to Kemaman, along the new Gebeng Bypass highway. At Sungai Ular you will join the main East Coast trunk road (AH 18 and 3). Cherating is another 15 km from there. Coming from Kuala Terengganu, just proceed south along the East Coast trunk road

Berhenti makan di R&R Gambang Timur, banyak pilihan makan. Jom Makan.